Gym Insurance HQ is Australia’s leading fitness and sports insurance specialist.

We’re also the most comprehensive! We are unique compared to your other sports insurers because we provide you cover for the activities you need.Under your current policy, you may believe you are insured for the most ‘common-sense’ activities, however, we’ve taken on many disgruntled fitness professionals and business owners who realised they were not covered when it came to a claim.

It drives us crazy to see so many insurers are taking your money with no real cover in return.

Here are our top tips for making sure you’ve got cover you can count on!

1. You don’t have to purchase insurance with us, but if you’re worried about your current policy and want to know what common activities are generally not covered for your profession, give us a call on  1300 815 344  or chat with us online.

We’re more than happy to help and advise you, even if you’re not a customer.

2. Check your current policy and call your current insurer to confirm where you do have coverage and where you don’t; this will help you understand where you really stand with your insurance and if it’s the correct cover for you.

3. Get an  Instant Quote with us, it’s super easy, fast and of course, it’s free! We compare quotes from over 170 insurers, delivering you the best cover for the best prices.


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