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personal gym insurance

You may be a personal trainer, fitness coach or yoga teacher or another specialised fitness professional providing fitness services either in person or virtually. Either way, in order to ensure you have the correct insurance to cover you for the unexpected, you may need to talk to an insurance broker specialising in personal trainer insurance.

Having insurance coverage that is pivotal for your fitness business is important to protect both you as a personal trainer and your business.  For example, professional liability insurance protects against claims being made by a client should something unforeseen occur.

Whether you operate as a business owner or are employed by a training centre, it important that you have liability insurance.

Fitness Gym Insurance

If you are the owner of a gym, yoga studio, or boxing studio then taking out general liability will cover you against any property damage that could occur and physical risks in the event of a slip and fall. As an owner you should also ensure that you as an individual are covered.

Outdoor Fitness Insurance

Since the arrival of COVID-19 we have seen many personal trainers and fitness coaches having to diversify and conduct their sessions outdoors. It would be easy to think that a client or clients would be at little risk of harm outdoors, but its important to take out outdoor fitness insurance in the case of a client being injured in some way. Talking to an insurance broker who specialising in gym insurance will ensure you get the appropriate insurance policy that will cover your business and protect you when providing your services outdoors.

Insurance Considerations for Personal Trainers

If you are a fitness professional working in the industry, but not self-employed, then your employer may well require you to have your own liability insurance, even if the company itself has insurance. Therefore, as an individual it’s important to understand how liability insurance can provide you with protection against legal claims made by a client, in the event of injury or property damage.

To reiterate, as a fitness professional you will need 2 very different forms of insurance to ensure correct coverage. They are:

  • Insurance That Covers You
  • Commercial Gym Insurance

Insurance That Covers You

This type of cover generally doesn’t mention anything about you as a fitness professional or personal trainer but is more about you as the individual.  Generally speaking, to take out this form of insurance there are no requirements other than average to good health.

Commercial Gym Insurance

When discussing commercial gym insurance cover with your broker, they will want to know how long you have been in business and will discuss any other factors that may affect the type of coverage you need.

As a personal trainer or qualified fitness professional, you have a legal obligation to provide care and safety whilst providing fitness services to your client/s. If an accident does occur during a fitness session conducted by you as the personal trainer, and it results in harm to your client, then this is negligence.  Accidents could be an injury a client sustains as a result of incorrect instruction, sustaining an injury from a recommended exercise or a could also be a clients dissatisfaction with the training services you have provided.

When obtaining a quote for insurance ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions together with the product disclosure statements. If you are unsure, your insurance broker can explain these in detail. As there are many and varied insurance packages available, speaking to an insurance broker well versed in the fitness industry will ensure you are not left exposed to risk and professional financial losses.

Gym Insurance HQ is a leading insurance broker for gyms and fitness professionals. We understand the ins and outs of running a fitness business and can create a tailored insurance package to protect your business and livelihood. For more information or to discuss your options, contact our brokers on 1300 815 344.