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Boot Camp Instructor InsuranceTaking part in a Boot Camp as an instructor is a huge responsibility. You need to come prepared for this major event and your concerns may include getting yourself covered with a Boot Camp Instructor Insurance policy. If you are too busy planning your list of activities let me share with you in advance, these top 5 mistakes that you might make along the way.

Mistake #1 – Not seeing the importance of being insured

This is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make if you are a Boot Camp instructor; not seeing the importance of being insured. Why? Imagine yourself attending the Boot Camp and giving personal instructions to your new students and an accident happens, like a student has a bad fall in one of the stints you asked them to do. Did you know you might face a lawsuit if the student decides to claim third party liability due to your negligence? This could be a nightmare and with no Boot Camp Instructor Insurance policy to bail you out from this unpredictable event, it may cost you dearly in legal fees.

Mistake #2 – Not checking on various insurers

Another common mistake that you might commit while you are so preoccupied with other errands for the Boot Camp is not checking on various insurers who can give you a quote for your Boot Camp Instructor Insurance policy. If this is the case, you are left alone in the battle to find an affordable package for your insurance. I suggest you take time getting enough information about the different insurance products offered by insurance companies and request a free estimate.

Mistake #3 – Not reviewing the insurance proposals

Among the other concerns that you might probably mess up is not making any effort to review the insurance proposals given by your prospective insurers. I recommend you give some quality time to reading all the Boot Camp Instructor Insurance proposals you’ve collected and compare their prices and protection coverage.

Mistake #4 – Buying a wrong insurance policy

Buying the wrong insurance policy is one of the worst mistakes you could commit if you are an instructor of a Boot Camp. Keep in mind, not all insurance policies offer similar protection coverage against future claims and other unavoidable events where you may become directly involved. If you find it hard to make a wise choice from among a bunch of proposals presented by your potential insurers, I suggest you consult a licensed insurance broker.

Mistake #5 – Delaying your final decision

Days will pass by and if at this very moment you are still undecided whether to buy Boot Camp Instructor Insurance, or you postpone it due to your other priorities, is another mistake that you will regret if the actual Boot Camp arrives and you aren’t covered with a comprehensive insurance policy. Every minute you are exposed to various physical activities with your students, there is a huge possibility of an accident bound to happen. With no insurance to protect you against a personal injury or third party liability claim, you are left there inside the Boot Camp venue vulnerable and helpless. Talk now to an accredited insurer, ask for a price quote for a Boot Camp Instructor Insurance policy and act fast before it’s too late.

The team at Gym Insurance HQ can place cover for your Boot Camp Instructor Insurance, ensuring that you have all the necessary coverage against risk. Call us today to get a quote on 1300 815 344 or you can go online and request a quote and we will call you back.