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Brisbane gym insuranceIt’s summer time once again and Brisbane locals are flocking to either the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Cost. Months before that, gyms all over the city will be teeming with fitness enthusiasts working on giving their bod a makeover one more time. For a gym owner, this is both a boon and a bane. While money from new subscriptions are flowing in, the risks also soar putting high claims on gym insurance Brisbane policy. Every personal trainer in these gyms, however, want to satisfy the thirst for a “new beginning” on these enthusiasts. To give your new wards a new sense of confidence in rocking their favourite swimwear, the following tips may be of help.

  • It is common knowledge that exercise without dieting (or vice-versa) will never work. The healthy diet regimen is not about going the juice cleanse route or only eating two or three spoonsful of salad for each meal. Starvation is never a good thing when it comes to keeping a lean body for the long term. Instead, encourage them to ditch sugary drinks, fatty foods and other unhealthy food. Giving them an idea on how to organise a “clean” pantry, removing all the junk foods therein will make a good start.
  • Get their blood flowing with a simple, achievable routine for the first two days of training. Motivate them to do better, to give it their best shot. This will help them get into the groove of things and be more committed to their regimen in the long run. Remind them that a body on the move stays like that with constancy, even during the lazy days of summer. Accomplishing one’s fitness goals is a never-ending struggle and make sure that your student or trainee remembers that each time.
  • Give their fitness program a hint of body sculpting. Even when it’s just to lose weight, many of these enthusiasts will appreciate how to get rid of stomach and rear flabs as well as bat wings. Though it will take months to develop strong core muscles, biceps, triceps, and glutes, take time to introduce strength training to ensure giving them something to look forward to when the sun is out.
  • Of course, don’t forget to amplify one’s cardio program. Burn those extra calories. Lose the unwanted pounds. Keep a few inches off your waistline and thigh. Some will do great on the elliptical or perhaps, plyometrics, too. The idea is to mix your workouts to stave-off boredom. With more activities in a gym, the more enjoyable their experience will be allowing them to go back for more and more.