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Property & Contents Insurance

Insurance cover to protect your gym and fitness equipment.

Property & Contents insurance for personal trainers

As a personal trainer, it’s likely that you carry around lots of mobile fitness equipment while you visit different clients and gyms –  much of which is very expensive. Could you afford to replace it if it’s damaged or stolen? Property insurance for personal trainers is usually straightforward to arrange.

What is property insurance for fitness instructors?

Property insurance typically consists of cover for fitness equipment whilst stored at home, while in transit or being used at a gym, studio or third-party site. It covers you if your gym and fitness equipment is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged. Property and content insurance may compensate you to repair or replace the listed contents and equipment.

Why Choose Gym Insurance HQ?

Gym Insurance HQ is a specialist broker for the gym and fitness industry. With access to a large range of insurers, we can find the right insurance solutions for you at the right price. To see the benefits of dealing with a personal trainer property insurance broker, contact us on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online.


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