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Get The Best Insurance For Your Public Swimming Pool

If you own a public swimming pool or have a contract to manage a council/third party owned swimming pool you need to ensure you have the right Commercial Commercial Swimming Pool InsuranceSwimming Pool Insurance to cover you, your business and your customers.
We cover all types of public/commercial swimming pools, including swim clubs, swim instructions and swim schools/learn-to-swim pools.
The greatest risk you face when managing or running a commercial swimming pool is public-liability related claims.
The most common claims we receive are public liability claims due to injury, or in rare cases, drowning.
You MUST ensure you have cover that actually protects you in the event of a claim and you must ensure you are COMPLIANT to make a claim should an accident occur.

Swimming Pool Insurance Requirements, Our Top #5 Tips To Protect You Against Claims

#1 Ensure You Have The Correct Signage Displayed
Ensuring your customers know all the Pool Rules is vital to the safety of you and your business.
Placing clear, visible and compliant signage of your Pool Rules throughout the swimming pool facility is vital.
Ensure you have all new swim members and casual visitors sign a waiver acknowledging all the pool rules and their personal responsibilities.
#2 Ensure Your Staff are Well Trained & Familiar With Correct Procedures
Ensuring your staff members are compliant, well trained and following safety procedures at all times is vital to protecting you and your business against a claim.
Ensure all your staff are trained and have obtained any qualifications required under Australian law and compliance. The difference between a highly trained staff member and an under-trained staff member could be the difference between a claim that almost costs your business from operating and avoiding the possibility of a claim altogether.
#3 Ensure Customers Are Following Pool Rules
Train your staff to call out pool behaviour that is not compliant or in breach of your pool rules.
For example diving in a shallow area where you have signed, ‘no diving’. You want to do everything you can to reduce the risk or injury and therefore a claim at all times.
Make sure your staff are vigilant in spotting non-compliant behaviour and confident enough to let pool users know when they are doing the wrong thing.
#4 If you sell Products – Extend Your Policy To Include Products Insurance
This is one policy that is often overlooked by managers/owners when insuring their public swimming pool.
Most commercial pools sell merchandise, from fins to goggles, flotation devices and other related goods. In the event of an incident such as flooding, fire, or theft, owners lose the value of their stock and contents if they do not have a products liability policy.

General Commercial Swimming Pool Insurance Exclusions

A commercial Swimming Pool Public Liability Policy will not cover you for any claims relating to sexual harassment or molestation.
To reduce the risk of a claim related to harassment or molestation, enforce a stringent criminal history check for all employees.
You may even wish for all employees to have a valid Blue Card.

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