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If you own or manage a public swimming pool, securing the right Commercial Swimming Pool Insurance is essential to protect your business and customers. Whether you run a swim club, offer swimming lessons, or manage a public pool, having comprehensive insurance is crucial for covering various risks associated with commercial swimming pools.

Key Aspects of Commercial Swimming Pool Insurance

The most significant risk in managing a commercial swimming pool is public liability claims, which can arise from injuries or, in rare cases, drowning incidents. Ensuring you have adequate coverage is vital to safeguard your business in the event of a claim.

Top 5 Tips to Protect Against Claims

  1. Display Correct Signage
    • Clear, visible, and compliant signage of pool rules is crucial.
    • Have all new members and casual visitors sign a waiver acknowledging the rules and their responsibilities.
  2. Train Staff Thoroughly
    • Ensure staff are well-trained, compliant, and familiar with safety procedures.
    • Highly trained staff can be the difference between avoiding a claim and facing a significant liability issue.
  3. Enforce Pool Rules
    • Train staff to enforce pool rules and address non-compliant behavior.
    • Vigilance in spotting unsafe activities, such as diving in shallow areas, reduces the risk of injury and potential claims.
  4. Include Products Insurance
    • If you sell products like goggles, fins, or flotation devices, ensure your policy covers product liability.
    • Protect your merchandise from incidents such as flooding, fire, or theft.
  5. Understand General Exclusions
    • Be aware that a Swimming Pool Insurance policy typically excludes claims related to sexual harassment or molestation.
    • Enforce stringent criminal history checks for all employees to mitigate these risks.

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