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People nowadays want more flexibility, whether it’s working from home instead of commuting to and from the office, shopping online or ordering dinner via an app. And gyms are no different. Providing more flexible services to your members by offering around the clock gym opening hours may help you tap into a wider market and increase revenue. Extending your opening hours to 24/7 does, of course, come with greater risk exposure, but with some careful planning and a 24-hour gym and fitness insurance policy in place, expanding your gym business scope is certainly doable. In this blog, we’ll review the pros and cons of opening a 24-hour gym and how the right 24/7 gym insurance policy can help you.

24 hour gym insurance

What are the pros and cons of opening a 24-hour gym?

For some gym business owners, the thought of no one being there to supervise and overlook is too nerve-wracking to give 24/7 opening hours another thought. But before you cast the thought out of your head, check out the pros and cons of opening a 24-hour gym:


  • It can be a great strategy to retain current members 
  • It can help you attract a wider pool of new members, e.g. people who can only go to the gym late at night
  • Compete with other gyms in your area 
  • Increase your revenue around the clock


  • More security risks – some of the top risks include equipment theft, harassment, accidents and injuries 
  • Additional expenses to make your gym fit 24/7 operation – examples include panic buttons, keyless entry fobs and security cameras
  • It can be more difficult to maintain the personal touch achieved with gym supervision

Opening a 24-hour gym isn’t for everyone, and it’s important to do your research into things like whether there’s enough demand in your area in order for it to be profitable. If the increase in risk is your biggest concern, that’s where a 24-hour gym insurance policy can assist.

What is a 24-hour gym insurance policy?

Insurance for 24-hour gyms (also known as unstaffed gym insurance) is a specialist insurance policy that provides cover for unstaffed gyms around the clock. The type of cover included varies from business to business, but it usually includes cover for fire, theft, accidental and malicious damage, public liability, employer’s liability and business interruption. That said, the type of cover required largely depends on your business operations and risk management strategy.

By developing a thorough risk mitigation and management strategy, you may be able to minimise the cost of your 24/7 gym insurance premium.

How can a 24-hour fitness insurance policy help you expand your business scope?

24-hour gym insurance helps you put the necessary safeguards in place to protect your business as you increase the number and level of risks that come with extending your opening hours. A specialist gym insurance broker can also help you develop strategies to mitigate and manage niche risks.

Gym Insurance HQ is a leading insurance brokerage for gyms and fitness professionals in Australia. Our brokers have a thorough understanding of the industry and the risks involved in 24-hour gyms. Give one of our brokers a call on 1300 815 344 for an obligation-free consultation. You can also request a quote online.