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Spin Cycle Insurance, group fitness insurance, spin cycle instructor insuranceDo you teach spinning as part of a gym workout program? If yes, you might need the spin cycle insurance policy. Why? Accidents do happen no matter how capable you are in teaching your students on the safest techniques to carry on this physical fitness activity. You may face a public liability suit or indemnity claims in the case of a physical injury or if malpractice has been ruled out after a litigation case. It would be a huge advantage if you were completely covered with a comprehensive insurance policy that covers both claims.

Introduction to spinning

Spinning is a special type of cycling done indoors and under the strict supervision of a licensed spinning instructor. Spinning is considered a cardio or aerobic type of workout accompanied by music and lead by a highly trained spinning instructor. The average timeframe of a spinning class is around 40 to 60 minutes. There are also spinning classes held at a lesser timeframe to cater for beginners.

The spinning class is ideal for individuals who want to engage in a sports activity where they could go at their own pace. Most spinning classes have low-impact routines, ideal for individuals who have joint problems.

What are the possible types of coverage you can get from the spin cycle insurance?

If this is the first you have heard about the spin cycle insurance policy, below are some of the possible types of protection coverage you can ask your insurer to include on your proposed insurance policy.

  • Indoor cycling instructor coverage

This type of insurance coverage is mainly focused on instructors teaching spinning and indoor cycling to a number of students inside a fitness facility. The protection coverage includes incidents of accidental slips, trips, falls and other injuries that have occurred while lifting.

  • Third party liability coverage

Another type of coverage that you should ask your insurer about your spin cycle insurance policy is third party liability. It covers a wider scope of liability coverage that could arise while giving a professional advice, instruction or recommendation to your students and resulting in physical harm or injury.

  • Public liability coverage

Another protection you are entitled to receive once you obtain a comprehensive spin cycle insurance policy is public liability. This protection extends to any injury caused by your advice while holding your spin class session.

Where can I get the spin cycle insurance policy?

There are at least two options where you can get the spin cycle insurance policy, either you go straight to a registered insurance company in your area or talk to a licensed insurance broker to act as your legal representative when making negotiations with a prospective insurer. If your profession as a spinning instructor limits your chance to personally hunt for the best insurance company, I recommend you hire a licensed insurance broker to work this out for you and have your proposed spin cycle insurance policy completed in the soonest possible time.

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