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COVID-19 has caused massive disruption for small businesses. If you’re lucky the government grants will be enough to see you through the dark times, but for many, it won’t quite cut it. You’re now faced with a brand new challenge: how to make a living from your living room.

There are currently two ways to keep your fitness business alive during these unprecedented times:

  1. 1-on-1 coaching/personal training sessions
  2. Online coaching sessions

1) 1-on-1 Coaching/Personal Training Sessions

No matter if you’re a martial arts instructor, personal trainer or yoga instructor, you can still offer 1-on-1 training to your clients. This is a fantastic avenue to keep your business ticking over whilst you can’t train with large groups.

2) Online Coaching Classes

Online coaching sessions are proving to be much more cost-effective for fitness professionals. It also guarantees social distancing and is therefore COVID safe. In turn, this option can be much more profitable for fitness professionals as you receive more clients for the same service. Where the lines become blurred for many fitness professionals is how liable they are if a client injures themselves during an online session.

Online Coaching Classes

Do I Need to Have Insurance if I Am Offering Online Coaching?

The short answer is yes. Our phones have been going off the hook on this topic as few insurers actually offer protection for online coaching services. Online coaching carries a number of risks that should be mitigated with reliable insurance cover. The biggest risk stems from the fact that you aren’t physically present to monitor your client and ensure they are performing an exercise, pose or stretch safely. You can only see so much through a screen and if your client injured themselves you run the risk of being sued.

The recommended solution for online personal trainers and coaches is a combined policy of general liability and professional indemnity insurance. General liability insurance can cover you for claims relating to third party bodily injury and damage, whereas professional indemnity insurance can protect you from claims of negligence in relation to the services or advice you provide to clients.

In addition to taking out insurance cover, you should ensure you have done all you can to mitigate risk. This includes doing your homework on the legal side of things and drawing up a liability waiver for all clients to sign before they engage in your services. A liability waiver can protect you and your business in the event of a law suit.

Get an Online Coaching Insurance Quote with Gym Insurance HQ

Gym Insurance HQ has been offering insurance for the online fitness coaching niche for a number of years. We are well experienced to find the cover that meets your new virtual fitness business needs. If you’d like more information or you’re unsure about the type of cover you need, our brokers will be happy to walk you through your options. Give us a call on 1300 815 344 or request a quote online.